Whitening and Sunscreen

It is a lifelong program and not a one-off treatment and not only makes you more energetic, it also enhances your personal confidence and improves your social status. By Lily Tan
Whitening and Sunscreen

Healthy skin and a good appearance provide the crucial first image of a person. But pigmentation challenges are something faced by both modern males and females. Furthermore, it is an essential key in social communication and even business dealings. Obviously, we must be very clear of the differences between skin whitening, lightening and pigmentation. Skin whitening is used to get the skin to become not sallow, not red but more towards porcelain white in color; Skin lightening is to used to get the skin one or two shades lighter than your present skin color. Pigmentation disorder is a condition when the skin is not in an even shade.

I would use the phrase “the reason of skin” to explain the skin damage factor that affects the skin in terms of a number of white features: skin dark yellow, dull, spots, rough, lack of luster, lack of flexibility.

As our daily routine keeps us in the daylight or even in front of computer radiation a lot, the chance of our skin getting darker is very high, without the assistance of sunscreen. These violations aggravate melanin accumulation, even making spots gradually emerge, making the skin eclipsed. Ordinary whitening products may make the skin surface look white for a short time, but in fact it is not easy to eliminate the melanin which may be hidden deep in the skin. If there is no proper protection, the skin will become increasingly dull and get worse and aging-prone. As usual, the lighter your skin, the easier your skin gets sunburned. This does not mean that a person with dark skin does not fear tanning. From the naked eye it is possible to see the extent of the difference. Sunscreen is actually a daily chore:

PROTECT: A good sun protection cream is a MUST. Always apply a sun protection cream before your make-up, or after your moisturizers.

HYDRATE: A suitable hydrating cream/lotion is highly recommended.

MAINTAIN: It is recommended that regular and long-term maintenance plans be carried out with a medical spa.

People experience changes in hormones, changes in diet or weather during their lives. Appropriate skin management plan is very important. It will make you very good in terms of keep the skin young and healthy. There is a saying that “You are what you eat or drink”. Often your skin color is also the mirror of your health, which are very much affected by your lifestyle:

       Do you carry out regular liver cleanse routines with proper doctor’s advice? To help flush out all the waste that is clogging up in your liver function.

       Do you occasionally go on a “lite diet” instead of a full meal? Your organ needs a small holiday too.

       Do you sleep late or have insufficient sleep? It will show up on your dull skin.

       Do you smoke or overdo alcohol? The grey & sallow shades will reflect your state of sub-health.

Most Westerners are not overly concerned about how white their skin tone is, on the contrary many prefer to look slightly tanned and healthy. Whereas in the East, lighter skin color symbolizes a higher society status and beauty. Therefore, the idea of staying white of lighter skin tone has become an “ideal skin color”.

       Skin whitening pills – if they are properly researched and developed, totally certified by authorities, and are not drugs filled with Mercury and toxic ingredients.

       Injections such as Vitamin C and glutathione are very widely used.

       Lightening skin peels.

       Skin whitening and lightening hone care products.

       Various kinds of medical Laser treatment, pending on severity.

There are hundred and thousands of brands of sunscreen in the market, proclaiming that their brand is the most powerful and most effective. Ultimately it boils down to what you need.

Consider these:

       Do you wear make-up? If you do, wear a stronger one but not too oily so that your make-up stays put.

       Do you have oily skin or dry skin? You may need one that is lighter so that it does not clog up your skin, but cleansing properly is also very important.

       Do you live in a warmer or cooler climate? You may use a richer version for a colder climate or higher altitude and a lighter version for living in a tropical climate or during summer.

       Are you a very active person (swimming, diving etc) or have a sedentary lifestyle (working in the office or a housewife)?

       How is your budget? Are you getting a product as an investment into your skin or just because you need it for one time?

       Do you want multiple effects (anti-wrinkle, moisturize, color balancing or a singular effect (just to protect the skin)?

Note that as children’s skin is more sensitive, the chemicals will cause more serious damage. But there is specially developed sunscreen available for both adults and children. If we do not expect our skin with old and leathery texture and full of age spots, sunscreen is necessary all the time as we do with our daily meals.

In the Spa, wiping a high-end sunscreen after a facial care, not only offers the protection, but also makes the skin tone more even. At the same time, increased satisfaction may also prompt sales of treatments and products.