The Road to Perfection

Every human being desires to be beautiful in their own way, and the power to be so in a safe and effective way is in your own hands, by working with the right medical team. By Dr. Woffles Wu, consultant of MESO Skinlab
The Road to Perfection

The beautiful face has historically inspired poets, artists, architects and writers. We all know how it feels when a person of incredible beauty, charisma and harmony stands before us – it is mesmerizing and can take our breath away.

Anti-aging as we know it today is man’s application of medical knowledge and science to change the way we look and feel about ourselves, safely and predictably. It is a complex marriage of medicine, art and the often-unfathomable desires of the human mind, heart and psyche.

With the development of technology, awareness of anti-aging and beauty has gradually been awakened, and the age groups involved are ever expanding from 25 to 50 year-olds and even older, with those in the 40-to-50 age group in the majority for various reasons, such as that their marriages tend to get dull, their children have grown up and become independent, they feel that life lacks a purpose, or their workload is generally lighter, as they may be retired or semi-retired, especially for Chinese people. So life needs an upgrade to another level – or as we say, there is a new goal to be reached, a new dream to be fulfilled, new purpose to find in our lives and new desires, to regain long-lost vitality and youthfulness.

Research shows that people looking for medical beauty and spa care, are paying more attention to the items below:

• Age elegance, slimness and good posture

• Regaining youthful vitality

•  Desire to regain their looks by achieving firmer, flawless facial contours, or a smooth, tight abdomen

But, anyone who has bravely had scalpel work on the body and face will be aware of the risk of complications. As we doctors often say: the only things that are permanent are the complications.

Traditional surgery always entails the risk of scars, especially Asians who are prone to scarring, and requires a carefully managed recovery period. There is no surgery that can be completed successfully all in one pass and with poor aftercare.

Using the best techniques to reach the goal with as few complications as possible is more important than looking good after surgery.


Anti-aging & Beauty

Anti-aging & beauty regimes help people maintain both physical and mental vitality, and often lead one to live a better life. On the Journey of Anti-Aging & Beauty, a well-planned home care regime is of prime importance. It is also vital to combine it with a professional skin management program from a reputable medi-Spa.

Non-invasive medi-spa treatments, which achieve similar results as invasive treatments, have been our focus and passion, developing a whole regime that works magically; giving finer, tighter and healthier skin with no downtime, no needles, no cuts and no pain. Exclusive Meso treatment formulations, techniques and protocols are strictly followed to ensure that all our unique skin enhancement formulations reach the deepest layer of the skin for optimum results.

Non-invasive treatment protocols are carried out by first using skin permeability enhancers together with transdermic equipment whose energy levels are carefully managed for maximum infusion of a specially-blended “cocktail” of Vitamins, Collagen, Peptides, Hyaluronic and other ingredients. “Cocktails” are tailored to suit individual skin types and achieve the ultimate in skin treatment results in treating skin issues such as hyper-pigmentations, loose skin and uneven skin tone.


Balancing Science and Art, Balancing Desires and Reality

In this industry, a patient’s desires are driven by intense impulses of instant transformation, often without fully understanding the aftermath of invasive treatment. I am constantly challenged to balance this desire with reality; using the best that science offers to achieve fulfilment of desires in a safe and efficient manner. The culture of balancing art and science permeates the philosophy of bringing agelessness to both body and soul in a responsible manner.

In realizing the need to balance the natural state of each individual’s body with treatments, the goal is to provide the exact environment to allow for ideal treatment and recuperation. A clean, oxygen-rich environment attained with the help of Nature in its purest form. Guests can relax and unwind with spa treatments such as massages, facials and body treatments. Or visit regularly for their personal program such as Age Management, Peels, De-Pigmentation, Advanced Weight Reduction Systems, and more.