Sound Therapy from Dankunya Sound Lounger

Originated from Europe, Dankunya Sound Lounger is an innovative musical instrument in the shape of a bed
Sound Therapy from Dankunya Sound Lounger

In the West, sound therapy is also called sound massage, which combines sense of hearing and sense of touch in the forms of sound transfer and physical vibrations. Resonance is reached between the body and the sound waves. The beautiful rhythms of sound waves keep flowing inside the body like sea waves and deeply balance the body.

China’s most ancient medical classic Huangdi Neijing (The Inner Canon of Huangdi) had long ago put forward the theory of “healing with five notes”: “There are five notes in the music and there are five internal organs in the body. Each organ has sound. When the sounds reach harmony, man will be healthy.” Based on five elements theory, the core of TCM Sound Therapy is to play music to the body according to the circadian rhythms and characters of five internal organs, in order to heal people by improving the functions of the organs and blood circulation.

Sound Therapy is one branch of the Music Therapy. Throughout history, the power of music to humans is doubtless. In traditional Chinese characters, “music”(樂) is very similar to “medicine/herb”(樂), with the former lacking only a character radical (“艹”meaning herb) to the latter, which subtly implies the relation between the two. The Commentary of Zuo also commented: “Music has similarities to medicine which can make people live healthy and long.”

The Dankunya Sound Lounger is the elaborate creation of the Swiss designer and carpenter Daniel Moser, who draws inspirations from “Uomo vitruviano”, the performance of Leonardo da Vinci. Combining the sound wave resonance produced by the 60 strings with body massage, the treatment maximizes the sense of hearing and sense of touch and thus balances all the internal organs.

We all know that 70% of human body composition is water. Then we can understand why this resonance massage is so powerful. With the help of the Sound Lounger, sound waves are transferred to human body and reach a resonance with the body liquid, smoothening the body magnetic field.

The high pitch runs like flowing streams, giving a relaxing and joyful feel while the low pitch generates a long wave of low frequency and a deep overtone, making one feel like returning to the womb and vibrating with mum’s body rhythm in a high sense of security. The sound waves of overtone serve as continual massages which penetrate every part of the body and mind. Therefore, the sound therapy provided by Dankunya Sound Lounger sets the body free from muscle pains, anxiety, insomnia, blocking meridian channels and relieve your mind from depressions. Sound can reach where the hands cannot and that’s why sound massage is more powerful than hand manipulations. Eventually, all the anxiety, worries and pressure melt way in the soothing meditative sound waves. You will feel the whole body wrapped in the sound from head to toe when the infinite waves deeply penetrate in to massage every cell.

During the Sound Lounger sound massage, there isn’t any word instruction. Just deliver your whole being in the sound waves.

In the world today, music, as one of the five senses treatments in the Spa, is still very limitedly applied, either with the audio player or onsite performers. In this way, music still remains very far from man’s internal organs. Thankfully, Dankunya Sound Lounger enables one to truly feel the existence of the music. In addition to hearing the music, you can also touch it.

As a new sound therapy instrument, Dankunya Sound Lounger has been used in the “String Resonance Massage” at the Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou, and won “Most Creative Body Treatment” at SpaChina Award 2017.

No matter who you are, you will feel being loved and healed in this soft and deep vibration of sound.



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