Salt Lamp Healing

The therapeutic salt lamp traces its origin to the mountain grottos in the Himalayas where the orange-red crystal salt blocks are hand mined. They are chiseled and hollowed to hold a bulb or other heat source inside and thus become salt lamps featuring Feng Shui energy. By Ms. Ji Zhijuan
Salt Lamp Healing

In Tibetan, Himalaya means the “home of snow”. Located at the southern edge of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the Himalayas is the highest mountain range in the world with Qomolangma (Mount Everest) the highest peak and one of the eight holy mountains in Tibet. Himalayan salt, the rock salt found on Mt. Himalaya, contains over 98% sodium chloride, as well as 10 mineral substances including iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, aluminum, zinc, gallium, silicon and etc, being the true “king of salt”. Like the natural herbs grown in the holy mountains, the Himalayan salt is also bestowed with spiritual and healing powers.

Salt therapy is a primal choice to sterilize and remove body dampness due to the powerful detoxing effects of its content such as chloride, bromide, sulfate, bicarbonate, magnesium, sodium, calcium, iodine and potassium. For example, the sea mud (containing sea salt) which is filtered, purified and sterilized is often used in body wrap treatments at Spas to completely remove the redundant oil, dirt and sweat stain in the pores, exfoliate, sterilize and detox the body, leaving the skin radiant, tender and elastic.

However, Himalayan salt has much greater healing powers than the ordinary salt mentioned above. Being heated or atomized, the salt can absorb the allergen and pollutant in the air to its surface. Meanwhile, it releases anion to absorb humidity and neutralize the superfluous positive ion. So a Himalayan salt lamp is indeed a natural ionizer. Furthermore, the salt can purify the air by removing the cigarettes smell or other foul smell and absorbing and removing the dust mite, pollen, germ and spore. Therefore, it is effective to adjust commonly seen children diseases like allergy and asthma and improve immune system.

Being lighted, the salt lamp will release a frequency called Schumann waves which can naturally adjust and restrain the high-frequency electromagnet wave generated by electric appliance. The soft and pleasant natural light the lamp gives off is incomparable by any man-made decorative lighting, and will effectively alleviate eyes fatigue, relax body and soul, calm the emotion, sober the mind and cleanse the heart, highly beneficial to spirit cure and cultivation.

Sourced from natural mineral, the Himalayan salt lamp is a gift from Mother Nature and every piece is unique with its distinct salt shape and color. While choosing the salt blocks, deep colors with even texture is preferred. Pure bright red salt is the highest grade and orange-red is also top grade, while pink are more commonly seen. However, after being heated and used for one month, the color will turn redder and redder, brighter and brighter. Since they are pure natural salt blocks, they will forecast the plum rain season or rainy days by exuding water. When this happens, just keep the lamp on to stop the water exudation.

In Europe, the U.S. and Japan, you can find salt lamps in numerous spas; but it hasn’t become so common in China yet.  Due to the state regulation of the salt industry in China, salt lamps, as a kind of salt product, haven’t come to China’s market until recent years, and the true quality Himalayan salt lamps are very few.

With the aim to heal and relax, the Spa industry has now integrated Himalayan salt into its services to satisfy the demands of guests in the form of salt walls, salt rooms or salt cabins. In addition, salt particles can be used for body scrubs, bathing or food ingredients.

Compared to salt walls and salt rooms, the salt lamp is smaller, more decorative and therefore is suitable for Spas that find it hard to execute big changes in their hardware; they can simply place a salt lamp in each treatment room. Moreover, it is also a perfect retail product due to its acceptable prices.

The salt lamp can be placed in the bedroom, study, treatment room, and yoga and meditation room with its warm red orange light benefitting both body and mind. Spas can also place a salt lamp near guests’ faces while they are enjoying a treatment so that they can inhale salty air rich in negative ion at the same time, which helps them clear away the lung heat and infuses oxygen into the brain. If conditions permit, Spas can also combine the salt lamp in the psychological counselling sessions or meditation courses to help guests reach body-spirit harmony and complete relaxation amidst the energy ambience created by Himalayan salt. When night falls, sit a while by a 300,000,000-year Himalayan crystal salt lamp and breathe in the pure air, you will find yourself back with Mother Nature in total relaxation.