Himalayan Salt in SPA

Subjected for hundreds of millions of years of extrusion and high temperatures, the mineral and sea salts originally lying 600 meters under ground have combined to become salt fossils, which is the Himalayan mineral salt. By Ms. Amy Huang
Himalayan Salt in SPA

Very different from ordinary white sea salt, Himalayan mineral salt is transparent and features various colors including white, pink and red. Among them, the purest are those deeply hidden deep in the mountains, and when all the necessary conditions are mature over time, they form perfect crystal structures. They are the highest grade rock salt in the whole world. Personally, I prefer to call them Himalayan crystal salt.

Nowadays, more and more Spas have begun to introduce treatments involving Himalayan salt.

Himalayan salt blocks can be placed in the rooms as a natural artwork to kill germs and bacteria or can be attached to the walls and floors to purify the interior magnetic field energy and the air. According to individual requirements, the salt blocks can be cut into different shapes and sizes as decorations or even salt lamps. The round or oval salt blocks with smooth texture are best for hot stone massage while the small or coarse grained ones can be used for bathing. Small salt particles are good tools for body scrubs, as well as raw materials for exfoliating creams and bath foam. Even smaller particles can contribute to sniffing treatment combined with steam, or be added into distilled water to clean nasal cavity, mouth and face. Himalayan salt is also edible. You can put it into food or drinks. They will not only improve your gestation, but also bring more mineral and nutrition to your diet, as well as sterilizing and alleviating diarrheal symptoms. Moreover, they will give you more natural positive energy.

Bathing: Himalayan mineral salt is rich in sodium chloride which is highly sterilizing and antibacterial. Dissolved in water, sodium chloride is decomposed into sodion and chloridion and thus form a powerful electric field. In physics, an electric field is able to turn a magnetic field into a low volt electric field. This process of demagnetization eliminates malign magnetic fields in the surrounding environment. This explains why when people enter into forests or temples where there is no influence of environmental magnetic fields, they will feel peaceful and sober in mind. Apart from cleansing the magnetic field around the body, the mineral salt, while dissolved in the water, also stimulates body circulation and detox, according to cytology theory.

Exfoliation and Body Wrap: Himalayan salt can be used for body scrub, or to form exfoliating cream, body mask and bath foam, leaving the skin smooth and tender.

Nasal Therapy: Dissolved into warm distilled water, Himalayan salt can be adopted to clean nasal cavity with the help of a nasal irrigator. We call it nasal therapy in Spa and it is very popular nowadays.

Facial Cleansing: Himalayan salt is able to do facial exfoliation. If you use the mineral saline to clean the face, it will further sterilize and fight skin inflammation. Combined with other natural elements, Himalayan salt is a superior source to create different facial products for deep cleansing.

Steam Bath: Micro-sized Himalayan salt particles are often found in steam rooms because they can kill the bacterial generated inside due to the humid environment. When people inhale the particles, they will further display their anti-inflammatory functions in the human body and improve the immune system. Many Spas will also enrich steam therapy with natural plant essential oils of different fragrances to give guests total relaxation.

Salt Room: Many brands have launched salt rooms. Their installation and usage are quite simple. It is a highly effective way to give full play to the diverse functions of Himalayan mineral salt.

Stone Therapy: Himalayan salt blocks can be used to perform stone therapy, yet with better cleansing and detoxing effects than common stone massage. Combined with essential oils and heated, Himalayan salt will work miracles on your body by healing skin problems, deeply relaxing muscles, calming nerves and improving sleep.

Lamp Therapy: Himalayan salt lamp is very practical and easy to use, so it is a popular Spa retail product. Being lighted, the salt lamp can absorb the moisture in the air to its surface and thus form a saline solution. After evaporating, the salt will release numerous negative ions to degrade the pollutants in the air, cure respiratory diseases and remove dampness in the environment. Besides, the salt lamp sends out natural bio-electromagnetic frequencies which resemble that of the human body, which will generate a healthy spectrum through the semitransparent crystal structure and largely improve sleep quality.

Tea and Food Therapy: Himalayan mineral salt can also be introduced to the Spa healthy drink menu, such as fresh mint leaf + black tea + Himalayan mineral salt or rose water + a little Himalayan mineral salt. Furthermore, added into sweet fruit juice, the salt will improve the overall flavor; combined with porridge, it alleviates diarrhea and supplements high quality electrolyte to the body. The nutritional mineral salt can even sometimes replace common white salt in cooking so as to improve physical conditions.

 As we can see, there is a wide range of Himalayan salt therapies. Natural and result proven, they are more and more recognized by spas and spa goers. The Himalayan Crystal Salt treatment (RMB 2980 / 120min) introduced by Bulgari Spa at The Bulgari Hotel Beijing has nearly included all the properties and functions of Himalayan mineral salt with mineral salt foot bath, warm salt body wrap, salt exfoliation and stone massage with mineral salt and essential oil, completely restoring body functions and body-mind harmony. In addition, the treatment also involves herbal tea with Himalayan salt and the songs of Devid Prayer. On guests’ demands, therapists will conduct Tibetan bowl meditation or Tibetan incense.